Struggling with manually citing authors - wrong format in bibliography

Hi all,

When I attempt to manually cite authors in endnote, it always write’s the middle/last author’s initialls mixed in with the final author rather than their surname in the bibliography.

However, when I import from a pdf file, it cites correctly in the bibliography. 

For instance, the attached file results in this entry in the bibliography:

“Brookler K. H. T., H. Etidronate for the the neurotologic symptoms of otosclerosis: preliminary study. Ear Nose Throat J. 1997 76(6).”

I’m after surname, initial for each author…does anyone know how I can correct this?

Thank you
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Picture 2.jpg


I think you need to call support on this.  I see another post that has a similar problem, and it may be a Endnote20 bug?