Style for Faculty of Economic Sciences University of Warsaw

Dear EndNote support and community,

I need to use a style to I am not able to create by myself, moreover I find it hard to identify any similar style in EndNote base. It’s said that it was developed from Polish norm PN-ISO 690:1999, but neither PN-ISO 690:1999, nor ISO 690 (available in EndNote’s style base) is similar to the style I need to use :slight_smile:

The in-text citation is (Author Year). For rest you can find examples with addes translation from Polish.

Bibliography style:

Assorodobraj Nina. Początki klasy robotniczej. Problem rąk roboczych w przemyśle polskim epoki stanisławowskiej. Warszawa 1966.

for books: Surname Name. Title. Subtitle. Place published Year

Atkinson A.B. The Economic Consequences of Rolling Back the Welfare State. Cambridge 1999.

 Janos Andrew C. The Politics of Backwardness in Hungary, 1825-1945. Princeton 1982.

____ Politics and Paradigms. Changing Theories of Change in Social Science. Stanford 1986.

____  East Central Europe in the Modern World: The Politics of the Borderlands from Pre- to Postcommunism. Stanford, 2000.

repeated author list.

Reykowski Janusz. Czy doświadczenie transformacji ujawniło prawdziwe oblicze Polaków? W Dylematy nauki i konflikty wartości. Red. Ewa Chmielecka et al. Warszawa 2005, s. 341-345.

for book section: Surname Name. Title. W (mens “In”) Book title. Red. (means “Editor”). Place published Year, s. (means “pp.”) 341-345.

Ruciński Robert. O sposobach finansowania studiów przez mieszkańców miast pruskich w późnym średniowieczu. Roczniki Dziejów Społecznych i Gospodarczych. T. LXIII, 2003, s. 87-101.

for journal article: Surname Name. Title. Journal. T. (means “Vol.”) Volume (Issue), Year, s. (means “pp.”) 87-101.

World Bank. Meeting the Challenge of Africa’s Development: A World Bank Group Action Plan_._ World Bank, September 2005. On line. Dostęp 9 września 2005.

for blog/website: Title of blog/site. Title. Institution, Year. Dostęp (means “Access”) date DD month YYYY.

Footnote style:

[1] Atkinson A.B. The Economic Consequences of Rolling Back the Welfare State. Cambridge 1999.

Footnote style should use full or shortened biliographic description with Polish abbreviation symbols.

Abbrieviation translation:

  • Ibid / ibid > Tamże / tamże
  • Id. > Tenże
  • Vol. > T.
  • Op. cit. > Dz. cyt.
  • p. / pp. > s.

That might be hard to translate due to Polish fonts that need to be used, but I hope you’ll be able to copy-paste.

The most often I will use footnote citing, so for me it’s a high priority to have this part of style working correctly. EndNote has an edge comparing to different reference managers because of its smart ability to use abbreviations in footnotes, I’d like to benefit from that too.

I look forward for support from you.


I’d just like to add that by smart abbreviation usage in footnotes I mean something like presented here, using Chicago 16th A:

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