Suggestion for improving the full-text grabbing


I have no idea do you study your competitor’s product like Papers@Mac which has the better function to grab the full-text when off the campus, the Papers is easy to setup the access to the University library source, just choosing from the drop down list. However,  I have NEVER successed to grab the full-text when I am off the University if using the Endnote. Hope this can be improved in the Endnote X5@Mac.



Hello - How do you gain access to resources while off campus and do you have your Find Full Text preferences filled in? In case it’s useful, here’s some additional documentation on ways to improve your hit rate - 

 - Mathilda, the EndNote team

Hi Mathilda,

That’s what I am saying, the find full-text parameter in the Preferences menu of Endnote is too dificult for me to setup, especially the Open URL path I have no idea how to set.  I can correctly setup the “Authenticate With” and the Endnote can display the page of Authenticate which will  ask me the University library login pwd/id,  but I still can’t gain the full-text whatever the Open URL I filled in. But I can grain the full-text via the Papers software when off the campus so I guess it must be that  the Open URL Path is not correctly set in the Endnote. So I suggest that if there is some easier way to bypass the setup step like what Papers does(choose from the drop list). Right now I have to use the Papser to gain the full-text  and please do trust me I have tried many many times with Endnote about the full-text setup but I have never successed for even one time. I think you maybe know how to do but for me it seems to be not a easier thing with Endnote.

If the Endnote can simply this step it would be a great evolution.