Suggestion of including graphical reference hierachy tool in Endnote

I am writing to suggest which might be a great improvement to Endnote, to include a reference hierarchy tool (better graphical).

When I am using Endnote to manage a lot of references, especially when I am learning from a lot of papers, I found it gets messy and hard to keep track of all the papers if I saved hundreds of papers in one group. More importantly, it would be very convenient if I could keep track of the hierarchy of all the papers, so I would know clearly which one is citing which, and thus the clear history of how the research evolved. If I could use some graphical tool to manually label each paper and define their relationship to each other, that would be awesome and very helpful!

It is my sincere hope that Endnote will have more and more new features that are user-friendly! And I hope you could seriously consider my suggestion! Thank you very much!