I am working in a museum in Sofia,Bulgaria and i think they have a bulgarian-russian version of Reference Manager.That means that i can use all the english and cyrilic characters, but not some french and italian character. I need to put in database letters with accent from french,german and italian alphabet.I tried to use WORD programm to write symbol or to change language in the computer,but when i save my work the Programm change automatically the letters with cyrilic letters. From Database Propieties i saw Character set sort RM8 compatible.I have no idea what it means .My question is how can i import all the symbol that i need in the Database?

To my knowledge, you cannot with the current version of RM.  I hope that when RM 12 becomes available in a few months that it will allow UTF-8 characters. Then your problem will be solved. EndNote allows UTF-8 so my hope that this option will be available in the next version seems likely to be realized.


I have the same problem. I need to use german letters and I don’t know how.

I will be glad to get some advice.

thank you!