Sync without attachments

Does EndNote have any plans to implement desktop Sync without attachments supplemented with the option to sync single attachments/groups on demand?

Where I work we have just set up a shared library. Users synchronise their PCs via the EndNote server. We work in different fields at various locations. Even though it is useful to have access to a shared library it is unnecessary to default have all attachments on each computer. Several thousand attachments take up some. It takes a very long time to synchronize the library, especially the first time. The shared library doesn’t seem to be available on the PC when a user is off-line anyway (it can still happen), making it a little bit difficult to explain to our users why all attachments must be downloaded in the first place. It’s like trying to explain how it is possible to share a group on the web but not on the desktop. Are we the only ones thinking Sync without attachments would be useful?

Thank you