Template Journal Article


could anyone please copy paste the endnote template for “journal article” and post it here?

I edited mine and now the output is messed up :frowning:

Or tell me where I made a mistake here

Author. (Year). Title. [Translated Title]. [Reviewed Item]. Journal|, Volume|(Issue)|, (Pages|).| doi:DOI

Thank you so much!


In addition to the pipe characters you will need link adjacent characters.  which output style?  You can download a new version of the output style from endnote’s style collection - and copy it from there and paste to maintain the special “link adjacent” characters which won’t copy and paste into the forum.  You do this from the endnote “help” menu, >Endnote Output styles.  Make sure you give it a new name too.   

So I would fecommend this (which is overkill, but ensures consistency):

Author|.*(Year)|.*Title|.*[Translated Title]|.*[Reviewed Item]|.*Journal|,*Volume|*(Issue)|, (Pages)|.* doi:DOI|  - actually, maybe I can add it as code?  see if copying the following retains the “link adjacent” spaces (which look like tiny diamonds in Endnote’s templates).  

Author|. (Year)|. Title|. [Translated Title]|. [Reviewed Item]|. Journal|, Volume| (Issue)|, (Pages)|. `doi`:DOI|

Hi Leanne,

thanks a lot. The copy-paste thing didn’t work, as the link adjacent spaces didn’t show, but thanks to your post I could find the mistake in my template and it’s working again!

Cheers, Lorena