Term lists do not offer suggestions?

It used to be possible to print one letter of the term to get the suggestions. Now you have to print the whole thing each time. What is th epoint of having term lists if they are so disfunctional? Or am I doing something wrong?

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I’m afraid you’re doing something wrong – while I have many a complaint about EndNote 21 (managed to keep our organization from upgrading from X9.2 for two and a half years, but now had to succumb), this issue is not one I encounter: print one letter or two, and the first suggestion pops up; downward arrow tab scrolls down the list as was the case in previous editions.Are you sure you’ve linked your term lists properly?

You might just check: go the field in question, type [Ctrl] + [1], open the tab “Lists”, select the corresponding one should it not show automatically, and click on [Update List…]. Note: when inserting new terms by hand via [New Term …], make sure your copying does not include any line breaks! Therefore, emtying the list first (tab [Terms], [Ctrl] + [A], [Delete Term]), and then updating as above might be a good idea to remove such possible artefacts.