The EndNote RSServices API is now available

The EndNote RSServices API is now available. The RSServices API provides a way to build on the power of EndNote®. It exposes programmatic access to the core functionality of the EndNote application, allowing third parties to access database content and integrate EndNote with other tools. With the RSServices API users can create plug-ins that work within the EndNote interface to add customized functionality to EndNote and extend connectivity with other programs. Most of the RSServices API functions work with EndNote versions X-X4.

The RDK [RSServices Development Kit] includes extensive documentation, sample code, and examples that explain this interface into EndNote, as well as how to build components that utilize it.

You can download the RDK from -

In the coming weeks, we will post additional examples and samples of plug-ins created using these tools.

If there are questions, please contact me.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

jason [dot] rollins [@] thomsonreuters [dot] com

After having a whole view of the RDK, I found that the RDK is not as powerful as I thought.

Eg. Now days, endnote can find full text of a record by chick find full text menu. But the directory and filename of the full text pdf is fixed by endnote . Some times we want to determine the name of filename and directory by ourselves. So maybe create a plugin is a choise.

If I want to create a plugin to handle every “find full text” operation and to Create our own filenames and directory names of the full text file. We should have a callback of every find full text operation. But we don’t have. And in FindFullTextSession, the OnComplete is to simple that cann’t get any information of which record has found full text, which one not.

So the only way left is that ,first we use find full text to find full text pdf. then select all the full text found records , using plugin to rename the full text pdf filename and directory. This is not a good choise.