Too much lining space for manually added references


When I add references manualy (books or journal articles) they end up looking strange in my list of references in my word document. It looks like this: 

HILDEBRANDT, M. A., HOFFMANN, C., SHERRILL-MIX, S. A., KEILBAUGH, S. A., HAMADY, M., CHEN, Y. Y., KNIGHT, R., AHIMA, R. S., BUSHMAN, F. & WU, G. D. 2009. High-fat diet determines the composition of the murine gut microbiome independently of obesity. Gastroenterology, 137 , 1716-24.e1-2.






YOSHIMURA, Y. 2004. Studies on the Properties and Real Existence of Aqueous Solution Systems that are Assumed to Have Antioxidant Activities by the Action of ‘Active Hydrogen’. Journal of Health Science, 50(5), 456-465.

HUMPHRIES, S., KUSHNER, H. & FALKNER, B. 1999. Low dietary magnesium is associated with insulin resistance in a sample of young, nondiabetic Black Americans. Am J Hypertens, 12 , 747-56.

As you can see, the reference in bold has all authors on different lines instead of one the same line as for the other references. 

Do you know the solution? 

Thanks :slight_smile:

Can you do a screen shot of a record view that works and one that doesn’t?  and attach the jpgs in the attachments box that appear below a reply message?  

It also looks like you have two authors on the same line - so the second author is showing up as initials of the first.  

Thank you so much! 

I hope I have done it correctly. 
I have taken screen shots in the Endnote program. 

I need to see each of the two types of record open, like in the attached view.  Are the authors one to a line?  Also, what is the output style you are using in your document?


Here is two new screen shots :slight_smile:

I am using ‘Harvard’ style in my word document

I have written each author on one line…

Was the problematic record downloaded from an online database? If so, they may be some hidden characters which are causing the authors to appear on separate lines. (You can check this by turning on Show/Hide feature in Microsoft Word to display the hidden codes.)

Although the author names may appear to be correctly laid-out in the Author field suggest you delete the names and clear the field then reenter the author names and see if that addresses the problem.

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Thank you for your time! 

Well, my problem only appears for references I have typed manually. 

Here’s another example of a book for which I have treid to make three references (see attachment)

As you can see, som weird space appears between them (which is not present for other references) - also, it looks like Endnote thinks the author on the second line is part of the author one the first line. 

Have yoy any experience in solving this problem? 


Have you edited the Harvard style you are using?  (as if this is associated with any book section, there is probably a carriage return in the style itself).  Also it does look like you have some extra carriage returns in your records in some fields.  It might be easier to trouble shoot if we took this offline and shared documents via dropbox or google drive.  or you could take your document, and zip it and attach it to a message.  We would also want a copy of the output style if you or someone else edited it at all.  It would be in a my documents/endnote/styles folder, if that were the case.  

Thank you so much for your time !

I’m new user of Endnote. So I’m not sure if you want me to send you my library?
In that case, I have attached it as a zip-file. 

The ones I have my biggest troubles with is all the Widmaier-references. 
I have added three different ‘Widmaier’ (3 chapters in a book). I don’t know why, but I can see that one of them appear twice in my bibliography list in word. 

If it is possible to understand what went wrong it would be fantastic! But if it is too complicated, I will try to delete the references and try to add them once more and see if that works…

Master (123 KB)

The problem seems to be an extra blank line in either the book title or publisher field (refer to attached image). To make a correction just delete the extra line and re-save the record.

That isn’t the only thing – the authors that apear one to a line as you originally showed, have a soft return entered rather than a carriage return in the record.  If you ctrl+K and paste it into a word document showing all your characters, (hit the backwards P on the toolbar) you will see the corner arrow symbol as in the image attached.  I don’t know if you can search and replace those for a carriage return, or if you have to find them all (which you can see in the background of the image what they look like in preview when you are on the affected record. – I just deleted the end of each author line, (so both authors are on the same line, no space or punctuation)  and then  hit return (not shift return or control return) so it looks the same as it does now, but doesn’t have the soft return, it has a hard return.  

Also,  just to mention, that you can’t share just the .enl file or back it up as you lose critical information, especially PDFs and dates added, dates modified, etc which are all contained in a critical .DATA folder that lives in the same folder as the library.enl file.  What you shared with us, worked, but if you had any PDFs they would be lost, if we returned it to you after modification.  You should either compresses the endnote library from the file menu, creating an file ending in enlx - or zipped up the .enl file and the .DATA folder of the same name.