Turn off Auto Bibliography

I would like to see an option where you could turn off the bibliography or have it populate to a separate document.  Currently the options are:

  1. Create a complete bibliography at the end of the document

  2. Create a bibliography for each section

  3. Create a bibliography for each section and at the end of the document

Why a fourth option is needed and why these three options do not address some situations

If a person needs a complete bibliography for the entire document, but is forced to break the document into smaller documents (Chapters) while writing, none of these options are good.  The writer needs to be able to turn off the bibliography and create a comprehensive bibliography at the very end or have EndNote create the comprehensive bibliography in a separate document that can later be merged into the final product.  

The need for this is evident in longer papers (theses, dissertations, and books) that become unmanageable as a single document.  Writers need to be able to write each chapter as a separate document, but have a comprehensive bibliography for the entire work.

I hope I have made it clear as to the need for this suggestion. I am currently trying to figure out how to get rid of the bibliography while I write my Master’s Thesis.  My university requires the document to be formatted a certain way, forcing me to write the Thesis as five separate papers and merge the papers at the end to keep all of the formatting straight. (I doubt that my university is the only one requiring this type of formatting.) EndNote will create a bibliography for each section, which I will have to delete, save, merge and turn into a PDF with the other sections before closing the document because when I re-open the document, the bibliography will re-appear.


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Simple.  Create a style that has no bibliography template.  Just a citation template.    You could then export the chapters libraries (which are shown as a group in X4 when you are formating a paper - or export the travelling library from each chapter into a separate library) and fuse them, (import each one into a single library) with discard duplicates on.  The contents of the fused library can then be exported (to an RTF file) into a separate document to fuse with your other chapters. 

thus the chapters have appropriate citation template (presumably you aren’t numbering these) and you export with a bibliography template of a different output style, to get the bibliography organization that you want in the bibliography. 

Thanks Leanne. I will look into this.  Creating a new style without a bibliography format sounds like it might work. Hopefully, I can copy an existing style and just delete out the bibliography templates.