Unable to delete reference

I downloaded a citation from use several months ago.  Since I downloaded the reference, it automatically loads itself in all folders I open.  I’ve gone through and deleted from all folders and the trash can only to have it reappear when I open EndNote the next time.

The refernce is Crouzet, Francois  2008  The first industrialists:  The problem of origins.

Any ideas on how to rid my End Note of this annoying reference?

Hi JohnS,

You could export all references in your library as a text file in RIS format, then import them into a new blank library. If your existing library has PDF’s attached, you can copy the PDF folder from your library’s libraryname.data folder into the new library’s .data folder.

Of course, this way you would lose any groups you had in the original library. Also if you’re using the sync feature, that would have to be reset. You can also call support 1-800-336-4474 (choose option 4), and upload the library to us to try and fix it.

I hope this helps!


Can you provide a screen shot?  – Is it in a manuscript, and being pulled from the “travelling library”?  

The reference shows up in all libraries, including new ones. 

Not from a traveling file.  Just a reference that shows up EVERYWHERE.  EVERY time I open End Note, a new Crouzet reference pops up in the library that opens.

Sorry, was away from the office a few days.  – Is it possible that that PDF for that reference is in the “import PDF” folder and the folder or file is write protected, so it doesn’t get moved out into the imported subfolder like ti should? 

Sorry, I hit the wrong button.

There isn’t a PDF associated with the reference.

This sound extremely weird!  I think tech support is what you need.  – I don’t think we users can help.  There must be something strang about the  endnote installation or the computer that causes this?  I can’t imagine why this happens – with a new library?  I can’t think of any other autoimporting mechanism unless your endnote “icon” has additional info that runs automatically?