Update wish

I do wish that after I have carefully weeded out and retained the useful output style list that our institution finds useful (and luckily backed up!) that the update path would allow me to reject any output style changes, or prompt, if one of the styles I had - happened to be updated. 

I guess that I am still waiting for the day when there is a “Leanne likes” specific list, or a list of “useful” science styles rather than the list that tries to please everyone, and ends up catering to no one.  - We have “Emily’s List” in politics, so why not “Leanne’s List” in Endnote!?  :womanlol:

 - perhaps you could have a contest and people cold vote for the most useful 300 in each field!   

Dear Sir/Mam,
Thomson Reuters provide Endnote style downloads for some journals at the following link.
However, I was unable to find Journal of Helminthology(JHL) when I searched so I don’t think you have a style for JHL. Is there any possibility of developing endnote styles for Journal of Helminthology? Here is the link that has format for reference,
Please let me know when you have developed the endnote style for JHL.
(Although, there is a feature in Endnote where the user can build their own custom Endnote style)
Thank you,
Sincerely yours
Ajay Rana