URLs display in blue- can I change this? Also posted in Styles/FiltersConnections thread


A library patron is citing some electronically-accessed articles in a paper.  She’s using a Mac with EN X2, and output style APA 5th.  When she formats her bibliography, the Electronic Articles display a URL, as they ought to.  The URL appears in blue, as a hyperlink.  They are required to have everything in black when they submit these papers to the nursing school.

I know that we can remove field codes and then edit these few electronic references as text after the document is all formatted.  I just tried changing the font color WITHOUT removing field codes and it seems to work as well.

HOWEVER:  I’m curious.  When I open my EN library all URLs display in blue.  Is there a way to edit this in the APA 5th style so that URLs always appear in black instead of blue?  Can it be done on that level so that we don’t have to change the font color after the fact?  I went into the style manager and don’t see an option that makes that possible.  

Thanks in  advance for any assistance you can offer!


Endnote doesn’t have options to control font color in the style definition. So, the short answer is, no, you need to change the color the way you are doing manually.