versions and Word 2007 compatibility

I’m trying to get a handle on the version numbers for EN. I have a client who uses version is this considered x2? And is it compatible with Word 2007?I

What’s the difference between an X version and a numbered version (e.g., EndNote X vs EndNote 9)

I’ll post my other question in another post as it is related to a possible issue with EN.

Thanks, Valerie

Where are you getting that number?  It would be good to update to the newest X2 update, and in the Help ,about box, it should then say X2.0.4(bld 4459).   The X is simply 10, X2 being 12, etc.  Thus the version is really X2.x.x  the last numbers encoding the actual build.  Stand alone endnote updates can be accessed from menu Help>Endnote Program Updates.  You might want to back up your endnote program styles folder, if you manually adjusted it, before the update process. 

The version I got was from an Altiris inventory report. I had my client send me a screen shot of the version- it’s X2.0.1 (Bld 3514).

Now that I know the version (and what the X means), I can check for updates.

Thanks for the explanation. It helped a great deal.