Web of Knowledge/Authenticate/SFX/Shibboleth


I am starting to get to terms with using EN X6 after using Sente. Sente had great search tool for locating where a reference came from with ‘targetted browsing’.

I beleive that ‘Find Full Text’ can work in a similar manner but needs access to certain database/libraries.

I have spoken to the library staff at my university (Cranfield, UK) and they don’t have an authentication URL as they don’t have a proxy server but they do have a Shibboleth account for Endnote on Web.

Whilst they couldn’t provide the authentication URL, they did provide me with the SFX URL http://sfx.cranfield.ac.uk/cranfield but when I put this in Open URL nothing happens.

I am obviosuly missing something, can anyone help with with what I need to put into the Authentication space for ‘Find Full Text’?

Many thanks


Any thoughts about this?

I am really struggling to get this fundamental part of a bibliography software package to work, which makes me think it is me, not the software!

My current workflow has me dragging the files into Sente, grabbing the reference data from a variety of online sources using targetteddata, exporting the references from Sente in EN XML, importing them to Endnote X6, and copy and pasting the target citation into Scrivener.

There has to be a better way…