WORD 2003(DE) and X1.02 - does not work

Hallo all

I have always a message “Invalid Pointer” when I try to use Endnote. 

My system is Windows XP, German version+Word 2003 (German as well) and Endnote X1 (v. 1.02) (English)

I found in FAQ what possible to do in such a case:

this instructions:  CWYW 13 and ** CWYW 48**

I did all recommendations couple times + reinstalled Endnote two or three times, but still have a message “Invalid pointer”.

Before I had Win2000 + Office 2000 (both in German)  + Endnote 7(English) - everything was fine. What could it be?

UPD: I have Reference Menager installed, could there be a conflict?? Referencce Manager doesnot work either…