'word' groups references!


When I’m adding numbered references in text, some references are grouped. I can’t repair this, as they group again, just when I think I did it. I want this:

[text]16 - 18

but this happens:


and in references below the text:

16.       A. L. Yonan, M. Alarcon, R. Cheng et al. A Genomewide Screen of 345 Families for Autism-Susceptibility Loci. American journal of human genetics. 2003 73 (4): 886-97; J. L. McCauley, C. Li, L. Jiang et al. Genome-Wide and Ordered-Subset Linkage Analyses Provide Support for Autism Loci on 17q and 19p with Evidence of Phenotypic and Interlocus Genetic Correlates. BMC medical genetics. 2005 6: 1; International molecular genetic study of autism consortium. A Genomewide Screen for Autism: Strong Evidence for Linkage to Chromosomes 2q, 7q, and 16p. American journal of human genetics. 2001 69 (3): 570-81.

(colours: different articles)

how to repair this?

You probably used a style that dictates “Grouped References” option is on, or accidentally turned this option on.

Find this option as follows, and turn it off.

Edit>Output styles>Edit “your style”>Citations>Numbering

solved! thank you