Zotero to Endnote migration help - lot of information missing

Hello Endnote community,

I have 5,000 references in Zotero and would like to migrate them to Endnote. I organized most of the citations in folders and I would like to maintain it’s organizational structure. I attempted the following:

  1. In Zotero: Right clicked and export collection. Selected RIS file format with translator options - export notes.

  2. On Endnote online: Under collect → import references. Selected file → import options PubMed (NLM) → new group then titled the same folder name to maintain structure.

In verifying the import the only information that migrated is type, title and author. I read in previous discussions that you can adjust the import filter. Below please find samples of the ris file from zotero. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to make this migration work? I don’t want to recapture all these references. What is the best way to migrate and maintain a folder structure? Please help!Thanks!
Implementation Science copy.txt (34.1 KB)