2 question from a new user of X2

Hi all, 


 I’ve just purchased v. X2 and would like to ask 2 questions:

  1. How can I get rid of the "endnote web" box that opens every time I open the program?
  2. How can I upgrade vX2 to vX3?

 Thanks for your attension,



Where did you buy it?  I assume not from Thomson, or you would have received X3 :cry:- To get X3 you would have to upgrade I assume, but you can check with their customer servie on the website www.endnote.com. If you qualify for the upgrade - great!  Otherwise you would need to purchase it. If you do upgrade the comments below are superfulous. (Assuming you are on a PC, if on a Mac, the X3 version is not yet available…)

Turning off Endnote web:  http://community.thomsonreuters.com/ts/board/message?board.id=en-howto&message.id=1345

And you DO want to install that update for a multitude of reasons.  The most important is explained here: 


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