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Forgive my being naive.  I have never used a community tool such as this.  I’ve been using End Note to manage my different writing tasks for some time.  The version I have, I think is X.0.2  My university provided me with a copy of X3.  How do I go about upgrading to this version?  Do I just insert the new disc?

Thanks so much for helping a neophyte.


Mac or Windows?  Back up libraries (using “send to” option on a Windows version) and any styles, filters and connect files you may have modified.  Uninstall X (from the windows settings add/remove programs).  Make sure the toolbar is gone from Word before installing X3.  The default installation of X3 will only install 100 styles.  Installing more than about 300 slows down the program too much, but it is relatively easy to retrieve additional styles you use from the endnote web page via the Help>web styles finder option. These will be saved to a location in your My Documents folder as specified in preferences.  If there are styles you modified and backed up, you can place those in that folder location (My Documents/Endnote/Styles) which you may have to create.  This is easiest done by opening a style from the back up, and “save as”, and Endnote will create the location and save it there.  Then you can move any others.  but remember not to save more than 300 styles there either. 

Finally carefully review/think about which mode you will want to use.  There are three new buttons in the upper left corner of X3 (and X2). 

See http://www.library.uq.edu.au/endnote/new_in_endnoteX2#modes for a great description of these options and I recommend you use the second and third buttons and not the default as an existing user.  Read the other items in that FAQ then go on to read John East’s summaries of other things that are new in  X3 here:


If you are on a Mac, other users will need to comment. 

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Leanne:  Thank you so much for your advise.  I am using Windows and your guidance is most helpful.