A "Paste special" option should make it possible to paste text copied from other applications or the Web as plain text

When I select and copy text from another application or from the Web, I would like to paste it into EndNote as plain text, i.e., without any font or size attributes. Pressing Ctrl-V (or Ctrl-Shift-V, the standard shortcut for Paste special) pastes as formatted text, which make the display of entries very inelegant, to say the least. There should be an option to paste as plain text; in fact, pasting should probably be done as plain text by default, since one hardly needs whatever attributes may be present in the source when filling a template.

This is actually a good point, but it just represents how standard “clipboard” memory is poorly handled in Windows OS, MS office suite, and cross-application copy&paste work.

When I copy and paste from Word, text and font information is in the clipboard, and ctrl+V paste with format. “Paste with text style” does the same thing. Besides, I hate these “Office clipboard” thing.

When I copy and paste from IE, text in clipboard memory doesn’t have format information, and both ctrl+V and “Paste with text style” paste just plain font.

When I copy and paste from Adobe Illustrator CS2, nothing is in the clipboard memory, so nothing is pasted in Endnote. From Adobe InDesign CS2, however, it works like the way Word does, and copy from Illustrator to InDesign works just fine.

I always say “sh*t” and “cr*p” when I do these copy & paste work. How’s Mac?

see for the good news (fixing it again) and the bad news (in X3)…


I am using X2, and now when I copy Author names from Pubmed, they are pasted with their hyperlink text instead of plane text into the author field. No way to change this. The default should be to copy plain text, as it was in X1.

I have been using Endnote since version 2, but the recent glitches in X2 were more than disappointing.

I don’t want to have to pay for yet another upgrade (to X3) where this issue may or may not have been resolved. In my opinion, this is clearly a bug that should be fixed with an update in X2.