New refer"ence: paste without format in Endnote Basic

When making a new reference manually and pasting text from a formatted source, the formatting is by default preserved in Endnote Basic. When titles are in big fonts, coloured, bold or italic, that’s the way they will be pasted. Some of that formatting makes it to the reference list in the Word document.

Most of the time this formattign has no relevance whatsoever and I want it removed. That requires an extra step: paste the text into a plain text editor or in Word (and then erase formatting), copy again and then paste in the box on the site.

Why no option ‘paste as plain text’? Why have formatting in the first place, since the point is that your reference will be formatted in one of the dedicated styles?

Does anybody know a workaround?

The following mentions a few options for pasting text without formatting.

I have not verified any of the recommendations at that site!

Have a nice day