A tool is needed to transform the instable path lengths generated by Endnote into stable path lengths

Endnote X4,   Windows 7 64bit


Description of the problematic situation:

Let’s say You create a library and call it ‘Literatur’ and store it in the path C:\Bibliothek

Then file ‘Literatur.enl’ is generated to store the bibliography.

Endnote now gerates further directories and subdirectories








further all attached files are copied into this Endnote-generated file system

C:\Bibliothek\Literatur.Data\PDF\Literature_Title1<font color="#0000FF">Literature_Title1.pdf

C:\Bibliothek\Literatur.Data\PDF\Literature_Title1<font color="#0000FF">Literature_Title1.doc

C:\Bibliothek\Literatur.Data\PDF\Literature_Title1<font color="#0000FF">Literature_Title2.pdf

C:\Bibliothek\Literatur.Data\PDF\Literature_Title1<font color="#0000FF">Literature_Title2.doc

C:\Bibliothek\Literatur.Data\PDF\Literature_Title1<font color="#0000FF">Literature_Title3.pdf

C:\Bibliothek\Literatur.Data\PDF\Literature_Title1<font color="#0000FF">Literature_Title3.doc

Let’s assume Literature_Title1 is: ‘Schauer_2011__Bacterial_sulfur_cycling_shapes_microbial_communities_in_surface_sediments_of_an_ultramafic _hydrothermal_vent_field.pdf’

Then Endnote tries to generate an additional path

 Schauer_2011 _Bacterial_sulfur_cycling_shapes_microbial_communities_in_surface_sediments_of_an_ultramafic hydrothermal_vent_field/Schauer_2011 Bacterial_sulfur_cycling_shapes_microbial_communities_in_surface_sediments_of_an_ultramafic _hydrothermal_vent_field.pdf’ 

that is 267 additional characters added to the 35 root characters, This would sum up to 302 characters total path length, what is above the convention for path length that Microsoft can handle.


Observed problems:

In this situation is my Endnote library:

In this situation, Endnote creates a native path-tree, that Endnote itself cannot handle after its creation. It works for the daily work, but Endnote fails to accomplish its built-in menu-commands ‘File/compressed library (.enlx)’ or ‘File/save a copy’. Further Endnote fails to rebuild its native library from the Literatur.Data files.


That means

1) No backup is possible anymore

2) No recovery or rebuilt of the library is possible

That is a very hazardous situation !!


I read in the latest version, X6 Endnote tries to change its strategy in generating paths.

But even if in the future handable paths were generated, I don’t know how to deal with my hundreds existing library entries.I don’t want to change lots of hundreds of filepaths manually




I.e. A tool is needed to transform the instable path lengths generated by Endnote into stable path lengths - both in the file system and in the Endnote entries.

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