Add buttons to toolbar

It would be great if the toolbar button in Endnote X8 was editable, like the buttons in Word. There are some functions (like open attached document) that I refer to very frequently - one-click access would be a great improvement. I’m sure other users would choose other features to add to the toolbar. It should be fully editable.

David Basskin

Like Ctrl+Alt+P to open the attachment?  

Yes, it would be nice to have the “Save” button on the toolbar so I don’t have to click File, Save every time I edit a reference. 

Yes, that’s exactly what I’d like, too.

Edit a reference, how?  In endnote it is automatically saved, when you edit a record and close it. You can do a ctrl+S to be sure, but it is not required.  You can also close the record with ctrl+W and it will save it before closing the record window.  Even if you edit it from the reference panel on the side/bottom (whereever you have defined in the layout tab) is automatically saves it.  

The only thing you do need to do - if you change it in error, and want to undo a change, before you close it, you do need to File>revert reference (no keyboard shortcut or on toolbar).  

There is a button in X8 to open the attachment. It looks like a folder and is next to the open link button.

I wish the toolbar had both a save button and also the find reference updates button, or was configurable so you could add these yourself if you use them frequently.

Why do we need the save button instead of just closing the reference or clicking off it? Because a common workflow is to download a pdf and then let it automatically import into Endnote. If the file has no doi in it, it will import without a proper refence. In this situation I look up the doi and enter it into the reference. At this point I need to go Edit>save and then right click on the reference to do find reference updates.  The reference updates will not work if I have not saved first.

Another situation is when you are correcting references and checking the preview tab to see the results of the changes you make. You need to save before they will show.

In both these situations I am still working with the same reference. I do not want to close it or move away from it. I just want to save it - easily with a save button please!