How to add a button to the toolbar in Endnote X2.

I know this should be simple and self-evident, but I have now spent over an hour trying to do it without any success.  I want to add a button for “Attach file…” to the reference toolbar in Endnote X2.  When I am working on a paper, I will first do a broad search, gather a whole bunch of citations and save them in a library in Endnote.  If the search engine has fulltext or pdf files I simply save them all into a single folder first.  Then I go into Endnote and start organizing.  I will go down the list of citations and attach the full-text files to the citation.  In earlier versions of Endnote there were single buttons you could click to open the attach file window.  In X2, the only path I can find is to click References>File attachments>attach file…  I would like to simply add a button to the toolbar that goes directly there.  (I would also like to customize the toolbar in other ways, but can’t find out where to do that.)

I don’t know about a toolbar button, but you do have the option of right-clicking on the reference and selecting File Attachments > Attach File…

I do not think you can modify Endnote toolbars.  I would love to be able to delete buttons I don’t want or don’t want to use accidentally! (like remove field codes).

On the Macintosh, EndNote Library Window and Record Window toolbars are customizable but this is not supported on Windows versions. “Cite While You Write” toolbars/ribbon tabs are not customizable.

We have heard this capability requested occasionally in the past and do have it on our master “To Do” list.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team