Add more than two individualized "citation templates"

I wrote the following message to the support and got the answer that it is not possible. They encouraged me to post here:


Is it possible to have more than two “citation templates”? I love the feature, but it would be awesome if I could chose between more than two individualized templates. In the word “Add-In” I can chose between “Default, Display as Author (Year), Exclude, …”. But only the first two are like how I want them.
My default one is like this, with the purpose to quote indirectly with referring to a page number: Cf. Author (Year), Title, p. Cited Pages
My second (Display as Author (Year)) is basically the same, just without pages: “Cf. Author (Year), Title”
Now I want to have a third one, which is the same as my default one but WITHOUT Cf. at the beginning for direct quotes: “Author (Year), Title, p. Cited Pages”.
So my question is how (and if not why(?)) can I add a third (and maybe a fourth, …) individualized citation template which I can chose from in the Word-Add In?

Thank you very much for your support!