Advice needed on Ibid/Shortened Citations


I hope someone can help me. I am adapting a bibliographic style from Chicago (Notes) to reflect my organisation’s house style and am struggling with how to set up the subsequent citations appropriately. We use footnoted citations.

The first time a work is cited it is full, like this:  Tim Smith, An interesting book (London: SMF, 2008), 9.

Subsequent but not adjacent citations would use a shortened form, like this: Smith, An interesting book, 12.

But subsequent adjacent citations would use ibid, like this: Ibid., 14.

I can only work out how to do the second of these - using subsequent citations- but not the ibids.

I am sure this is possible in endnote and can’t believe it wouldn’t be in refman being as it is such a common style.

Has anyone managed to figure this out or found a work around?

Any advice much appreciated.



Hi Jess, did you find a solution to this problem?