Consecutive footnote problem

I’m struggling with what seems to be a glitch in the way consecutive footnote citations work.  Can anyone help?

CWYW doesn’t cope with same reference repeating in consecutive citations with different page numbers.  Instead of using “ibid” it inserts the full citation (not even short form).  This is not a problem with repeats of the same source - i.e. no page number or same page number - where the whole thing is reduced to “ibid”.

I’ve got my output style (Oxford-Author Date) set up to handle consecutive citations of same reference in this way:

Replace repeated data with:   Ibid.|, Volume|, Cited Pages|.

But CWYW doesn’t apply this rule, just gives full citation.  Anyone know why?

I’m using Endnote X6 with Word 2007.


Hello Alex,

If you make a copy of your paper and then reformat it with the Chicago 15A format, do the abbreviated citations still appear as full citations?

If not can you post your style so I can take a look.


Cheryl  – The EndNote Team


Thanks for getting back to me.

I’ve tried reformatting with Chicago 16A  (I don’t have 15A), and the same problem occurs (oddly with a slight variation - the full citation appears but excluding author).

I’m attaching my style, and I appreciate you looking into this.


Oxford-Author Date Modified.ens (49.8 KB)

Hi Cheryl,

Have you managed to look into this footnoting problem?