Ambiguous Citations with customized style

I customized the citation template for an output style. We want to have an identifying number for our report at the end of the citation. When I do that, however, it fails to add the letter suffixes for ambiguous citations. Is there a way to tell endnote to ony fixate on author year when it comes to ambiguous citations?

I’m using EndnoteX7 and Word 2010.

This is what my citation template looks like:

 (Author Year|,Custom 1| Cited Pages|)

It does what I want it to do:

(Smith 1999, SM004)

But if I have references that have different numbers the letter suffixes fail to appear to differentiate between them.

(Smith 1999, SM004)

(Smith 1999, SM003)

(Smith 1999)

Was the option “Add a letter after the year” selected in the Ambiguous Citations section of your output style (refer to attached image)? (Note that the letters will be placed after the year and not the end of the custom field.) Can you attach your output style file?

I attached the modified style to this post. Yes, I have ambigous citations letter suffix checked. It will only add the letter suffixes to citations where the references don’t have our identifying number. I believe it doesn’t add the letter because the ctation itself is different, but I need it to pay attention to only author year.


What it does:

(Smith 1995, SM0004)

(Smith 1995, SM0005)

(Smith 1995a)

(Smith 1995b)

What I want it to do:

(Smith 1995a, SM0004)

(Smith 1995b, SM0005)

(Smith 1995c)

(Smith 1995d)

Modified Chicago.ens (33.2 KB)

Thanks for the output style file. Interesting. It seems that the Endnote software interprets ambiguous citations based on the Author and Year fields but any additional field in the template outside of Cited Pages, such as your custom field, turns off the ambiguous citation lettering sequence. That seems to be why the “SM” coded citations are excluded from the ambiguous citation lettering sequence because the additional info now makes the citation unique - different from the other citations although they actually are by the same author/year.  Unfortunately, the issue is beyond user control and for the developers to address the issue.

You might submit a report to tech support and a request on the Product Suggestions section on the forum but in the meantime you’ll need to remove the custom field from the citation template and manually edit each generated citation to include the corresponding “SM” code as needed. Then the ambiguous citations will contain the lettering sequence.

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