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When I try to cite in Endnotes’s version of the American Journal of Archeology style, Endnote produces bracketed citations for in-text. The AJA guidlines want endnotes ie at the foot of the page without brackets. I can manually delete the brackets as I cite, but the reason I use Endnote is so that I can just add citations and produce a bibliography without having to sweat the small stuff. I hope that AJA can be updated. Or if I’m wrong about this, please let me know. Thanks

desktop Endnote or Endnote Web?  It relatively simple to correct the output style on the desktop.  Endnote Web needs some input from your administrator. 

Desktop Endnote. It seems easier to just type the citations in by hand than change the steeings, but maybe I’m wrong. I mostly sent this note because when I directly contacted the Endnote site, they suggested I send my difficulties directly to you so that it could be altered by your team at some stage.

umm, not to “me” but did they say to Suggestions forum, or to the Styles forum?  I guess that the Endnote people do monitor these now, since they eliminated the “style suggestions and updates” from their support site (note to TR support,-- which I think is a travesty).

So while another user, like me, can help you, I think these forums should have the same rules as the support site used to.

Requesters should provide the journal, publisher and the web link that describes exactly what you are looking for.

 – Also this forum has a thread that has a large number of more generic styles. If you are looking for some variation in a style, it is a good place to start.  Also you can preview various styles in the endnote “styles manager” in more recent versions of endnote.  (Edit, Output styles>open style manager) - then look for the “style preview” button and move up and down in the list.  I find looking at other journals by the same publisher, or other publications in the same field is a good place to start, but these may not be in the ‘default’ set that is auto installed by Endnote.  

So here are the AJA instructions to authors:  and since they were somewhat indecipherable to me, I looked at this free “forum” article.  --And then I started at the top of the submissions guidelines which says:

Editorial Policy, Instructions for Contributors, and Abbreviations


Authors are requested to observe the following instructions when preparing manuscripts for submission to the AJA. For guidance on issues not addressed below, authors are referred to The Chicago Manual of Style, 16th ed. (Chicago 2010; hereafter ChicagoMS16).

So I suggest you try that style (Chicago 16th A)?  – for the footnotes, you need to use Word features to insert those and make sure word is setup to put those at the end of the page, then cite with Endnote, in the footnote.  The Bibliography is then automatically pulled from the citations cited in the footnotes by EndnoteX6.  

TR, you should remove the current AJA style I guess, as it is definitely not correct? 


Thanks Leanne for your help. Using Chicago style does seem to be the best option. And yes, the AJA style guide is indecipherable!

Thanks for pointing out the suggestion/update issue on the web site. Those forms are available but not very easily found. We are looking  into that now. In the meantime, here are the direct links.


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THANKS!  Your Tech Support people should have this information as well? 

Yes, they have it now. Again, apologies for any inconvenience.

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