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Hello Endnote community,

I recently sorted some output styles based on the format for Journal Articles, and renamed them such that I can find similar style template fast. In the following messages, I will attach these style files to share with you. They are all originally from Endnote website, or came with Endnote.

The followings are file naming rules I came up with.

  1. File names start with either SG, GS, or SGGS, which indicates how author is formatted.

SG1: Surname-Given name order, Initial with periods, like Smith A.

SG2: Surname-Given name order, Initial without periods, like Smith A 

GS1: Given name-Surname order, Initial with periods, like A. Smith

GS2: Given name-Surname order, Initial without periods, like A Smith

SGGS: SG for the first author, GS for the following authors, like Smith A, J Doe, W Gates, S Jobs, …

  1. If Ap follows after SG/GS, that means the bibliography sort order is Appearance order. Otherwise, sort order is Author+Year.

  2. Title, Journal, Volume, Number/Issue are abbreviated as follows.

  Title: Ti

  Year: Yr

  Journal: Jo

  Volume: Vol

  Number/Issue: No

  1. Bold, Italic, colon, or parenthesis are also indicated in the file name, but separators like period, comma, and colon are disregarded. This is because these separators do not fit well in Windows file system, and also because they can be switched/added very easily.

  2. Major journals or organizations that employ the format will be indicated at the end, such as:

  SG1 Ap_Ti_Jo Ital_Vol Bold_Page_(Yr) -Nature

  SG1_(Yr)_Ti_Jo Ital_Vol(No)_Page -APA 5th

  1. Journal abbreviation option has all been changed to “Don’t replace”. This is due to a personal reason because my library has both full name (ex. Journal of Chemistry) and abbreviated name (ex. J Chem) in “Full Journal” filed. Using abbreviation option makes very inconsistent output (for my library).

I hope this thread helps some people looking for styles that are not immediately available in Endnote website, but willing to modify from close templates.

Best regards,

Original posted date: 10/27/2008


Authors are formatted, like Smith A., Doe, J., Gates, W.,…

This style represents a very pupular format, including APA 5th and Harvard style.

Bibliography of these formats are sorted by “Author+Year”. 

Once again, Journal abbreviation has been changed to “Don’t replace”. I suggest to check journal abbreviation format carefully, and make necessary changes.

SG1_(Yr)_Ti_Jo Ital_Vol(No)_Page -APA 5th.ens (47.2 KB)
SG1_(Yr)_Ti Quot_Jo Ital_Vol(No)_p Page -Harvard.ens (13.2 KB)
SG1_(Yr)_Ti_Jo_Vol Ital_Page -Cell Neuron.ens (11.1 KB)

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A few more variations of the same format.
SG1_(Yr)_Ti_Jo Ital_Vol Bold_Page -J Neurochem.ens (11.7 KB)
SG1 Bold_(Yr)_Ti_Jo Ital_Vol Bold_Page -Development.ens (9.88 KB)

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Authors are formatted in the same way, like Smith A., Doe, J., Gates, W.,…

However, bibliography is sorted by “Appearance”, as indicated by “Ap” in the file name.

This style includes the one used to be for PNAS. Some journals still follow this styles, but less popular.

SG1 Ap_(Yr)_Jo Ital_Vol Bold_Page -PNAS Old 1.ens (9.33 KB)
SG1 Ap_(Yr)_Ti_Jo Ital_Vol Bold_Page -Signal Transduction.ens (11.5 KB)
SG1 Ap_(Yr)_Ti_Jo Ital_Vol_Page.ens (10 KB)

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Authors are formatted in the same way, like Smith A., Doe, J., Gates, W.,…

However, Year is not enclosed in parentheses in these styles. This is also a very pupular format, and many similar formats are available. Bibliography is usually sorted by “Author+Year”.

SG1_Yr_Ti_Jo_Vol (No)_Page.ens (12.1 KB)
SG1_Yr_Ti_Jo_Vol (No)_Page -J Petroleum Sci Eng.ens (12.6 KB)
SG1_Yr_Ti_Jo_Vol_Page.ens (10 KB)

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A few more variations of the same format.

SG1_Yr_Ti_Jo_Vol_Page -Microvasc Res.ens (11.9 KB)
SG1_Yr_Ti_Jo Ital_Vol Bold_Page.ens (9.12 KB)
SG1_Yr_Ti_Jo Ital_Vol Bold (No)_Page -RNA.ens (10.9 KB)

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The last category of SG1 formats includes the formated used by Nature and subsidiary journals, and ACS (American Chemistry Soc.). These formats are all “Appearance” sorted bibliography.

SG1 Ap_Ti_Jo Ital_Vol Bold_Page_(Yr) -Nature.ens (23.3 KB)
SG1 Ap_Ti_Jo Ital_Vol Bold_Page_Yr -J Surgical Res.ens (10.2 KB)
SG1 Ap_Ti_Jo Ital_Yr Bold_Vol_Page -ACS.ens (18.8 KB)

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One more variant of SG1 format, but this one doesn’t show article title.

SG1 Ap_Jo Ital_Yr Bold_Vol Ital_Page -J Physical Chem.ens (14.3 KB)

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Authors are formatted like, Smith AG, Doe JC, Gates WA, …

Year is enclosed in parentheses. Plos and PNAS employ this format.

Bibliography is sorted by Appearance order.

SG2 Ap_(Yr)_Ti_Jo Ital_Vol(No)_Page -PNAS.ens (24.3 KB)
SG2 Ap_(Yr)_Jo Ital_Vol_Page -PNAS Old 2.ens (9.32 KB)
SG2 Ap_(Yr)_Ti_Jo_Vol_Page -PLos.ens (14.6 KB)

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A few more variations of the same format.

SG2 AP_(Yr)_Ti_Jo_Vol Bold_Page.ens (11.1 KB)
SG2 Ap_(Yr)_Ti_Jo_Vol_Page -Pediatric Radiol.ens (8.14 KB)

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Authors are formatted in the same way like, Smith AG, Doe JC, Gates WA, …

Year is enclosed in parentheses. But, bibliogrpahy is sorted by Author + Year.
SG2 Bold_(Yr)_Ti_Jo_Vol Bold_Page -Plant Physiol.ens (9.29 KB)
SG2_(Yr)_Ti_Jo_Vol_Page -Histochem Cell Biol.ens (9.75 KB)

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Authors are formatted in the same way like, Smith AG, Doe JC, Gates WA, …

But year is not enclosed in parentheses. This style is relatively rare.
SG2 Ap_Yr_Ti_Jo_Vol(No)_Page.ens (11.5 KB)
SG2 Ap_Yr_Ti_Jo_Vol_Page -Pediatric Res.ens (10.6 KB)
SG2_Yr_Ti_Jo Ital_Vol Bold_Page.ens (7.86 KB)

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This is “Vancouver” style and variants. Many biomedical journals including BMC use this format. They are almost always “Appearance order” bibliography, except for the one used by Am J Physiology. Because I use of this format frequently, I post many variations.

Generally, Vancouver style looks like this:

Authors are formatted like, Smith AG, Doe JC, Gates WA, …

Then, title journal year volume page follows.

Depending on the journal/publisher, each element is emphasized by bold and/or italic. Issue number is often included, but authors very often disregard issue number, and they are not shown in the actual references in articles. 

SG2 Ap_Ti_Jo_Yr_Vol(No)_Page -Vancouver.ens (32.8 KB)
SG2 Ap_Ti_Jo_Yr_Vol(No)_Page -Vancouver Lancet.ens (20.4 KB)
SG2 Ap_Ti_Jo_Yr_Vol_Page -Vancouver New Eng J Med.ens (20.1 KB)

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More Vancouver variants.

SG2 Ap_Ti_Jo_Yr_Vol_Page -Vancouver Cytometry.ens (12.3 KB)
SG2 Ap_Ti_Jo_Yr_Vol_Page -Vancouver Pharmacology.ens (11.3 KB)
SG2 Ap_Ti_Jo Ital_Yr_Vol Bold (No)_Page -Molecular Psychiatry.ens (21.3 KB)

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More Vancouver variants. JAMA also uses Vancouver.

SG2 Ap_Ti_Jo Ital_Yr_Vol Bold_Page.ens (12.4 KB)
SG2 Ap_Ti_Jo Ital_Yr_Vol(No)_Page.ens (12.5 KB)
SG2 Ap_Ti_Jo Ital_Yr_Vol(No)_Page -JAMA.ens (30.6 KB)

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More Vancouver variants. The last one is kind of unique. Title is italicized. This is from Scandinavian Journal of Immunology, by Blackwell.

SG2 Ap_Ti_Jo Ital_Yr_Vol_Page -Mayo Clinic Proc.ens (11.2 KB)
SG2 Ap_Ti_Jo_Vol_Page_Yr -Tissue Eng.ens (12.6 KB)
SG2 Ap_Ti Ital_Jo_Yr_Vol Bold_Page.ens (15 KB)

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More Vancouve variants. BMC uses Vancouver without issue number, but BMC Neuroscience has issue number. Practically, they are all the same because authors often dismiss issue number anyway.

SG2 Ap_Ti Bold_Jo Ital_Yr_Vol Bold_Page -BMC.ens (12.3 KB)
SG2 Ap_Ti Bold_Jo Ital_Yr_Vol Bold (No)_Page -BMC Neuroscience.ens (14 KB)

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AJP (American Journal of Physiology) use Vancouver-like style, but bibliogrpahy is sorted by Author+Title. All the subsidiary journals used this format.

SG2 Bod_Ti_Jo Ital_Vol_Page_Yr -AJP.ens (9.9 KB)

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Authors are formatted like A. G. Smith, J. Doe, W. A. Gates, …

They are always “Appearance” ordered. I’ve never seen “Author” sorted bibliography with this style. The first three are title-less format used by Science.

GS1 Ap_Jo Ital_Vol Bold_Page_(Yr) -Science.ens (20.4 KB)
GS1 Ap_Jo Ital_Yr Bold_Vol (No)_Page.ens (16.6 KB)
GS1 Ap_Jo_Vol_(Yr)_Page -Physics Reports.ens (7.83 KB)

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In the same category, Science subsidiary journal STKE uses this format with full article title.

GS1 Ap_Ti_Jo Ital_Vol Bold_Page_(Yr) -STKE.ens (11.8 KB)
GS1 Ap_Ti_Jo Ital_Vol(No)Page(Yr) -Front Bioscience.ens|attachment (10.5 KB)
GS1 Ap_Ti Ital_Jo_Vol Bold_(Year)_no No_Page.ens (11.5 KB)

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