Android App

I would really like an Android App for Endnote.  I currently do a fair amount of searching on my phone and tablet using Ebsco’s mobile application.  To then be able to put it directly into endnote would be so useful.  I like to make good use of all the time I spend in various lines…  An app that would allow me to fully work with my library - including accessing and reading the attachments I have without necessarily loading them all into my phone. 

Besides, I’m tired of iThisnThat getting all the attention.  it’s discrimination I tell ya.  :slight_smile:

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I certainly agree with the last comment - this is just another example of the i-hype.

I too think an Android EndNote app is a must. Keep ahead of the ever increasing competition.

I do virtually all my paper reading on android (Nook HD+). I annotate these papers using highlights in different colours for what i agree with, should mention, and what I disagree with. It’s a pain synchronizing without a fully functional app.

I did not upgrade to 7 and if my on-line storage access expires before there is an android version, I will switch to M…y.

Act now!

An Android app would be great. Offline viewing is essential.

Offline viewing for PDFs as well as items is essential.  I want to do my research and also add citations with the smartphone which is with me, rather than typing out a document in Evernote and then doing the searches at a later stage.