Endnote for Android

I am about to purchase my first tablet PC, which I plan to use for work. My job involves reading .pdfs and using Endnote to help store them in my library and create citations. I was very surprised to find out recently that Endnote does not offer an .app for Android systems. This is a real let-down, especially because Android has been around for some time (I am coming to tablet PCs rather late in the day). It’s also quite surprising that Endnote does not offer an .app for Android systems because, once upon a time, I used Endnote for my handy little Palm Pilot. If Endnote could be adapted for my Palm Tungsten in 2005, why hasn’t it been adapted for the tablet PCs of today? Please, please create an Endnote .app ASAP so that I can work fruitfully with my new tablet.

I would strongly support this! Android is the most used mobile operating system in the world. So it would make sense!


An Android app would be great. Offline viewing is essential.