Annoying "ding"-sound when searches come out negative

I do not know the correct english phrase for “that super annoying ding sound”.

I tried multiple google-combinations, but no search term gave me an anwer.

How do I get endnote to shut up? If I wanted a little “ding”-instrument, I would listen to lame electronic music. But I do not. What I want a silent reference management system and sophisticated ding-less music on the side. It is a mystery to me, why this feature is a part of any software ever.

Can anyone help me in turning off this useless sound? It comes up when I have a negative outcome on my online reference searches.

Please help me. Pardon my noobness

Unfortunately, Endnote does not provide a volume control within the program. So the best that can be done is to turn down/turn off the volume of your computer’s speakers/headset.

You might consider submitting a request for volume control on the Product Suggestions section of the forum.

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