Problems with web addresses

Hi all,

I’m having some problems with the formatting of some of the entries in my bibliography.

With a few of the entires, although I have copied and pasted the URL in as usual when entering the reference, when Endnote includes them in the bibliography in my document, it is adding h t t p s : // to the front of the address (I’ve had to insert the spaces because the forums don’t like me using incomplete html). I’ve checked in Endnote and that’s definitely not there in the actual entries.

It’s happened with both Electronic Articles and Web Pages, but not all of them - I’d say about 80% are appearing as they should, but there’s a  few that are having this problem - again, when checked, I can’t see that I’ve done anything different for these than for those that are appearing ok. 

Any idea on what might be happening?

I’m using Endnote X6.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated. tim

You say you’ve “copied and pasted the URL as usual when entering the reference” – presumably in the Endnote record’s “URL” field. It’s unclear to me, however, whether you deleted the “http” prefix from the record’s URL field after pasting. (You could also use Endnote’s “Find and Replace” feature to delete the “http” prefix within the URL field from all records. As a precaution make a backup copy of your Library before proceeding.)

Deleting the “http” prefix from the Endnote record’s URL field should prevent it from being displayed in the bibliography. If it is being displayed for a random number of references, recheck the corresponding URL field in the Endnote record. If there is an “http” prefix then delete it; if there isn’t then delete the entire field to clear it then reenter the web address again and save the record.

If you continue to experience issues suggest you contact tech support:

Thanks for the reply Gecko, and my apologies - I don’t think I was clear about what the problem is.
I don’t have a problem with the http being listed, I’m fine for that to show, but on the records that are playing up Endnote is actually adding it in so it appears twice.

I’ve just looked a little closer though, and I think I can see what’s happening; the problem is arising when the record has an https address rather than a http. Endnote then refuses to see the https that I’m copying and pasting as a part of the web address, and so includes it as regular text before the URL. It is also adding in the http (and the associated slashes/colon) before the www of the address.

On records that I add that have just http, it doesn’t feel the need to correct anything so leaves it as is.

If I’m right, I think I need to stop it automatically adding http to the front of the address. Does that make sense?

This is the the Template I’m using for the Electronic Article reference type where a lot of these problems are arising.

Author. Year. Title. Periodical Title [Online]|, Volume|. Available: URL| [Accessed Date Accessed]|.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what needs changing (otherwise I’ll take Gecko’s advice and go to customer support).

Thanks again. tim