Any word on when X7 will be updated to be compatible with Mac Sierra?

X7 never worked reliably on Yosemite or El Capitan. Clearly, it’s not working on Sierra very well, either.

Any word on when Thomson Reuters plans to release a working version of X7?

Or are we all going to agree to pay $100 for an “upgrade” just so that we can have a working version of software we alraedy paid for but was promptly abandoned by its developers? 

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I’m sorry if there is some confusion here.

X7 is stable and working on macOS Sierra.

When Apple released Sierra, they introduced bugs to their PDFKit tool, which is what EndNote’s built in PDF viewer relies on. These bugs have caused the thumbnail view to be missing and the selection and highlighting of PDF text to be misaligned (meaning the text that is highlighted is slightly removed from where your cursor is). We have reported these as bugs to Apple. There are no other issues in the X7 software on Sierra. 

Meredith M

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TR did a nice job at alerting us to the problem at the time the Sierra upgrade came out. Do you have any idea when the PDFKit tool issue will be resolved? If not, is there a way to keep us updated (e.g., another splash screen) so that we have some idea where things stand and when there will be a resolution? Otherwise, we don’t know whether we can upgrade without the PDF issues and we are left to send queries as often as we want or remember.



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sure… this is good news

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