Feature request: a working version of X7

Currently, the most expensive software I’ve ever purchased is not compatible with Mac OS Sierra (or El Capitan or Yosemite). It would be nice if it did. Just throwing this idea out there. 

I’m sorry if there is some confusion here.

X7 is stable and working on macOS Sierra.

When Apple released Sierra, they introduced bugs to their PDFKit tool, which is what EndNote’s built in PDF viewer relies on. These bugs have caused the thumbnail view to be missing and the selection and highlighting of PDF text to be misaligned (meaning the text that is highlighted is slightly removed from where your cursor is). We have reported these as bugs to Apple. There are no other issues in the X7 software on Sierra. 

Meredith M

I have to kill Endnote manually multiple times a day after it freezes. It crashes when I use it alongside Word. Putting in new citations often makes it crash. It’s unusable. And tech support adds insult to injury by offering 30% off X8 that they say solves these problems!

I just reinstalled Endnote and tried to activate it and I got an error message saying the full version could not be installed. So there’s that issue too now.

Hi @abington,

I’m sorry you are experiencing those issues. That message you are receiving means that you need to reenter the Product Key for the copy on EndNote that you bought. 

As there are no problems with EndNote X7 (latest version available is X7.7.1), Cite While You Write, MS Word, and Sierra (or any combination of those), I’m not sure what the source of the problem could be.  

I’m the Product Manager for EndNote, and I can assure you that X8 includes only new features. What might help, however, is if you directly email me and I can set up a time for us to talk. We might be able to troubleshoot together and come up with a solution. 

I can be reached at meredith.mccusker@tr.com

I look forward to working through this with you!
Meredith M.