APA: 3, 4 or 5authors citation...

Dear colleagues

I need to cite two times a paper with four authors. With APA style should apear all of the authors the first tim, but only the first one “et al.” next times.

However, EndNote makes all the citations apearwith all the authors. I.ve tryed to edit the style, but it isn’t possible to make this chnge (at least I can’t!.

Can anybody help me?

Thank you,

Pedro Novais

Go to Edit -> Output Styles -> Edit APA 5th. Click on Author Lists under the Citations section in the left column and make sure that the Abbreviated Author List - Subsequent Appearances reads “If 3 or more authors, list the 1 author and abbreviate with et al.”

This should fix the problem.


Dear Cathy

Thank you for your answer. Well, I know that that is the proceedure, but in the author lists of the Citations it already has as default field information about the citation of 6 or more author; so where can I give the information of the 3 to 5 authors if there is no field to fill in?

Thank you,

Pedro Novais

Dear Cathy

Please ignore my last question. I’ve tested your suggestion and it worked just fine!

Thak you!

My best regards,

Pedro Novais

Hello everybody,

I’m using the APA 6th ed. but I’m struggling to fix citations in the text. According to the APA style citations should be like this:

(Farrel, Brown, & Juls, 2013) or this (Farrel et al., 2013) when there is more than one Author and the citation has to be repeated for the second time.

My EndNote changes the citation (Farrel et al., 2013) into (Farrel, 2003), which is wrong according to the APA. It doesn’t include other AUTHORS, although I have fixed the settings Edit & Manage Citations, (Author and Year).

There is also another problem, EndNote adds author’s name (when it is not requested) , for eg. (J. Farrel, M. Brown, & G. Juls, 2013), where the J. M. G. stand for the Author’s name.

How do I get over it? Is there anyone who could help me? I have already kept in touch with the techinical assistance and I have followed their indication but still it doesn’t work.

this is getting ridiculous.