attaching already imported pdfs to existing references

The background here is complex and probably not important, so the short version:

I have a couple hundred pdfs that were imported without a problem, but which are not linked to their corresponding references. If I click the paperclip icon in a particular reference, it takes me into the finder to find the pdf – which is already inside Endnote.

I thought I should be able to drag a pdf onto a reference, and it may be easy as pie, but I just can’t figure out how to do that from inside Endnote.

A related matter: where in the heck is the library folder where imported pdfs are stored? I’m using x7 for Mac, running Mavericks on a MacBook Pro.

Any help very much appreciated, as I’ve got some 2000 pdfs floating around, unattached. Thanks.

I should add a little information: I’m not attached to a university at the moment, so I can’t import a pdf and expect Endnote to go find the metadata from a password protected university library. If I could do that, this would be less of a problem, but as things stand, I have to attach the reference/metadata I already have to the imported pdf.

I had stopped using Endnote, but would like to start again. I’m on a thirty day trial to see if I can figure this out before committing the funds.

Could someone please point me in the right direction on this?

Have you seen this thread about  copying the Label field to the URL field?

Otherwise if the pdfs have DOIs you might consider creating a new library and using the import feature to create new references for each imported pdf . Refer to the “Importing PDFs”  training video. Note, however, that creating new references for each imported pdf will assign a new record number so references/citations generated from this library won’t match ones from your original library.