import pdf

Hi, all

My endnote X7.3 had a problem with importing pdf. I drag and drop a pdf file to the endnote window. But nothing happens, the pdf is no imported automatically and new references is not created. Now i have to manually import the pdf through “File, import…”

Is  there anyway to solve this problem?


I only use drag and drop to put a PDF on a preexisting record in EndNote.  I wasn’t aware you could drag and drop a new PDF into the library that way?  – make sure it isn’t attached to one of your records now?  – I drop it in a folder and let endnote pick it up from there, although rarely  (folder is set in the preferences > PDF Handling menu). I prefer to download the record from PubMed and then find full text to get the PDF – or drag and drop it to the preexisting record.