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I am new to this forum and also new to Endnote. I am using the X1 version.

I have a query and wonder if anyone could help me with it…

? I want to attach .PDF files with relative links without copying them to the .DATA folder. I want the .PDF files to remain in the folder/s  where I have downloaded them. The reason is that I want to retain the (long) filenames that I have assigned to the dowloaded files. Endnote renames the files and then if I want to look in the folder I do not know what the file contains.

Does anyone know how to do it?

I hope I have been clear in explaining my problem.

Thank you. 

I always store my full PDF articles in my Z drive (dedicated to data).

The folder is usually named like “PDF Articles 13”.

Then, I have URL link in my URL field in Endnote, and use ctrl+G to open the full article.

This allows me to keep My Document folder and Endnote related folders small, instead I need to perform backup of these PDF files with My Document all the time (I do that backup task using some synchronization software).

My URL that opens PDF full article looks like this. (please don’t click the link, because it won’t do anything for you)


Here’s the explanation for syntax.

It needs file:// to dictate it is a file location URL.

%3A syntax is “:”

%2F syntax is “” (back slash)

%20 syntax is " " (space)

So, this URL will open the “19064701.pdf” at “Z:\PDF Articles 13” location.

By the way, I don’t name the PDF files with long names. I name them using unique reference ID numbers, which is PubMed ID in my case. Then, I use Endnote to manage/categorize and open/view these numbered PDF files. I personally think this is easier than naming them with whol bunch of author, title, year etc.

Let me know if you need more info.

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You can set this behavior in the EndNote preferences.

Go to the Preferences window and choose URLs & Links from the left-hand side. Then unselect the option “copy new file attachments to the default file attachment folder…”. This will create an “absolute” link to your file attachments wherever they are actually located.

Also, you can change this option as you are attaching if you use the References | File Attachments | Attach File option. Just unselect the option in the choose file dialog box.

Hope this helps. 

That’s right, and the best way to do it.

The way I mentioned above is the “old fashioned” way since version 8 or something when Endnote first had “URL” field. “Attachment” field was added later, but I’m still sticking with the URL field.

The advantage of URL field is (just to defend my “old fashioned-ness”), is that I can make URL links to hundreds of the PDF files in one (streamlined) action.

When I download bunch of Pubmed entries, I also download Pubmed ID numbers into Endnote library. Then, download PDF files to my local HD, with pubmed ID number as file name. Then, I copy the pubmed ID number to the URL field by Change&Move field command in Endnote.

Using the same “Change&Move field” command, I add “.pdf” after the pubmed ID numbers in URL field (without space). Then, I insert URL link text (as I detailed above) before the pubmed ID numbers without text.

This way allows me to make the absolute URL links to the PDF files in a semi-automated way. When I use “Attachment” field, I have to do it one by one. Do I? Also, “Attachment” field doesn’t allow me to use ctrl+G (open link) command, which became my figer habit after years.

Bottom line: You can do both (URL link or Attachment with “absolute” link option).

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