delete pdfs after attaching?

After I attach a pdf file to a reference, can I delete or move the pdf from that location? Does Endnote save a copy of the pdf somewhere, or does it retrieve it each time from where I uploaded it from?

I am using Endnote X5. Thanks!

Hello Beth,

In EndNote X5, click on the Edit menu (or EndNote menu on the Mac) and select Preferences. Click on URLs & Links and look for the following text:

“Copy new file attachments to the default attachment folder and create a relative link.”

If this setting is selected (as it is by default), EndNote copies the PDF from the original location on your computer and adds it to the EndNote library structure. It is placed inside the .Data folder associated with your EndNote library.

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In addition, you may convert any PDFs attached as “absolute” if the setting was not set as relative, to copy them to the relative position (Endnote menu: References, file attachments dropdown option - “convert to relative links”). If you compress a library with absoulte located attachements, they are not retreived and included in the compressed library (and thus unavailable on a new computer without the exact same access to the the folders in which they arrived. 

Any PDFs retrieved via the “find full text” facility, are already copied to the relative folder location.