Australian guide to legal citation

Hi I am very new to Endnote,  using referencing guides (downloaded my first one today).  I can’t find the style “Australian Guide to Legal Citation” or “AGLC3” and its the whole reason I decided to use endnote as it’s a nightmare. All guides I’ve googled and looked at here have not addressed my issue.  Can anyone tell me where to find this in endnote?  I’ve been trying for about 2 hours now and getting a bit frustrated.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks

Hi Claire

If you haven’t already found it, I’d suggest looking at the University of Queensland page

Law referencing styles are a challenge for referencing software, to say the least. In recent years we have ceased using AGLC and use the New Zealand Law Style instead. While different in detail form AGLC, it’s structured in a similar way. If you don’t find what you are looking directly for AGLC, you might try adapting the one created for NZLS



I have downloaded it and it opens in a window, but how do I get it to be a reference style in the list that I select?  It shows in it’s own window describing how it works, but if I try to select it as a reference style it’s just not in the list.  Hope my problem makes sense lol.  Any advice?

Save as in endnote, which will save it to your endnote default location, (it will append the word “copy” which you can delete) where Endnote knows where it is and when you open your output style “manager” or “show more styles” in the output style designation, you can see it and make it a “favorite” or select it to use.   Does that make sense. 

– You are using the desk top version of endnote and not endnote online, right?