Beginner Q re footnotes using AGLC style - Australian Guide to Legal Citation (AGLC)


I’m very new to Endnote and have watched some tutorials, but can’t figure out something which seems like it should be very basic: how do I get the footnote to include full details, rather than just an author and year?  

I am using the style required by my university, AGLC.  Whenever I do “insert citation” it shows up with something like (Ward 1966) rather than what I want: Russell Ward, The Australian Legend (2nd ed) (Oxford University Press, 1966).  I have added all details to the reference in Endnote, and I have also made sure I am choosing the right output style in Microsoft Word.

Thanks so much!


First – check what output style is being used in your document. It w\ill appear in the Style box on the Endnote ribbon.  What you are seeing looks like an Author, year style, not the AGLC style. 

I downloaded the one from the University of Technology, Sydney which provides extensive notes on how to use it correctly including downloading a custom reftype table and how to enter specfic fields to have them generated in footnotes and bibliography, appropriately.

If I use this style and were to insert a citation directly into the text – there is nothing inserted because there is no in-text citation template in that output style.  If I first insert a footnote and then insert an endnote citation into it, I get a full citation.  Also the bibliography is genereated with a full citation.  

Is this similar to the output style you are using?