Author column, how to include author initials?

I have been going through the preferences and other options to try and find a way for the author column to show the authors intitials (currently it only shows the last name). Sometimes it is important to sort by author and then find the author based on their name plus initials (if there are many primary authors with the same last name). Is there some way to do this in Endnote 8? Thanks.

Choose the box in preferences to show all authors – it includes the initials too see attached image).  Otherwise there isn’t an option for single authors and initials.  

Thanks. It is ugly, but I suppose that is the only way to do it. Endnote does not seem to be as customizable as Reference Manager. It would seem to be a simple thing to program. 

Can always try requesting it for future options in the suggestionsforum. Can’t hurt?