sorting authors by their first name

Is there a way to sort authors by their first name?

A colleague has a large library and wants to be able to see all the ‘Brown’ authors but be able to order these alphabetically  - 

eg Brown, Cam,

Brown, Clifford

Brown, Colin


It only seems to order by surname and first initial.  Despite trying with displaying all the authors from preferences, and trying to sort the library,  Endnote seems to always default to sorting by author name and date of publication.

We have version X2 and X4


Try sorting the library by author names. Just click the Author “sorting-bar” at the top of the library as shown in the attached image.

Not sure about that CrazyGecko.  At least in X5, I don’t get a consistent Sort.  I have Andrew before Abigail, unless there are no subsequent authors.  In my hands, it appears to sort after the “initial” on the second authors name, but not in your example.  This by either clicking on the “author” bar or by selecting sort from the tools and selecting a couple fields, or just Author. 

Thanks for pointing out the issue, Leanne.  Yes, there does seem to be a software limitation in sorting author names when the reference lists a single author. 

The Thomson Reuters folk may take notice of this issue but suggest to MWalker to file this as a product suggestion: