Authors display in library

In my library, I have authors entered both Last Name, First Name and First Name Last Name (see screenshot for visual). This is not a problem when entering citations of course, but I’d prefer all my entries to read as Last Name, First Name when viewing my library. Is there a way to modify all the items that read First Name Last Name and avoid doing it manually?

the only way I can think of, would entail exporting them with a custom filter (Lastname, Firstname)  and then reimporting them back into the library but how complicated that might be, will depend on how many fields and whether you have PDFs attached (which can be a challange).

Thanks for the response, Leanne, even though it was one I feared. This strangely seems like a relatively new occurance, and to add to the oddity, I don’t remember seeing authors in this format until I placed the Research Notes field in front of the author field. That couldn’t have switched the author name order, could it?

Hi, I’ve the same problem with my library since I installed endnote web.

I’ve tried to export my library and the problem is not solved when I export it in compressed library or XML format.

When I export under txt or html format then the author list is uniform (Name, Firstname) when I read it with a text editor but I am not able to import such file to rebuild my library in Endnote. I guess the problem is that there is no info about the different fields of my references. So is it possible to export a library in txt format and to re-import it in a new blank endnote library?