Authors / Institution Profile template

Even though EndNote is aimed at cataloguing both paper and electronic articles, it would be beneficial to have a template available where we could produce a database of authors/institutions as well.

At the moment I am going through the process of understanding how to use FileMaker Pro for this purpose but to have an add-on database that allows us to build up a profile on each author would be advantageous.

If EndNote could provide a template that the end user could enter data into this would be great, a timesaver would be to provide publishers and authors with a template that allowed them to provide profiles on each author which they could return to EndNote; this would certainly save both EndNote and its users a fair amount of time. Publishers could be required to use an author ID system based in part on the Dewey system with a publishers preface ID. Where different publishers produce material from the same author we could simply choose which one we wanted or merely copy and paste data into one.

Of course an easy way to go directly from an article to the author’s particulars would also be required.