Automatically divide citations into a certain number (E.g., group of 50)

Hello, I would like to know if there is a way to automatically divide citations in a library into groups of a certain number count. E.g. Divide 1000 citation in my library into groups of 100? So, I would have 10 groups each with 100 citations.

Right now, i use the search panel to serach  for record # greater than or equal, and less than or equal. But it is a little time consuming because I have to use trial/erro for the record number for second search statement and keep at it until results match 100, for E.g.

I appreciate any tips. Thanks.

It seems the primary problem is that the record numbers of your references are not in sequential order so the resulting “gaps” in the sequencing makes it difficult to search/group exactly 100 references at a time. A workaround is to: a) pre-sort your current library by record number, then b) copy the pre-sorted references to a new Endnote library. Now references in the new Endnote library will be assigned new record numbers that are in sequential order which will facilitate searching and setting up groups.

If it’s important to maintain the original record number you could use Endnote’s Change//Move/Copy feature to copy the record number into another unused field for safekeeping (e.g. custom field, Label). But it’s important to do this 1st before pre-sorting then copying the references to a new library.

Thanks for your reply! The record numbers in the working libraries are not sequential as you point out. I will give your suggestion a try.